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Free Text to speech online mp3 generator natural voice

Free Text to speech online mp3 generator natural voice

Step 2 - Type your Text/YouTube Script.

Enable this option if you want to translate your text/YouTube script, From English==>Bengali, English==>Hindi, English==>Tamil etc.

Free Text to speech online-

Text to speech is a simple free online tool by ProBangali, which can convert your text into a downloadable MP3 file. Wich can be used for various purposes but we build this tool for creating YouTube video voiceover.

Language Support: Text to speech Hindi, Text to speech Bengali, Text to speech Tamil, Text to speech Telegu, Text to speech Marathi, Text to speech Malayalam, Text to speech Gujarati, Text to speech Kannada.

Text to speech AI

Text to speech AI uses a natural Indian Female voice to convert your text/Youtube video script into a high-quality mp3 file which you can download after the process and use accordingly.

However, Probangali Text to speech is easy to use but for keeping the service free for a lifetime there are a few limitations.

You can create a maximum of 200 characters Text to speech mp3 at a time which produces 20 seconds of mp3 file for download.

It means you have to make multiple files to create 5 minutes of a youtube video.  Never mind, Greate Things demands hard work. Cheers.

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